Water ZOVB

What is Water ZOVB?DSCF5703

If you ever wish to walk on water, here is your chance. Just get into one of these ZOVB deflated balls and we will zip up and then pump some air into it. Water ZOVB is an extension of what we started in 2008. We have a ball that puts people in and roll down a slope and we thought, why don’t we put people into the pools as well, hence Water ZOVB is born.

This is a perfect activity for sunny Singapore where you get to cool off in the pool anytime you want. It can be played in your private pool, condo swimming pool or any safe water bodies. We do not recommend the usage of the water ZOVB balls in the sea but next closest you can get will be to organise this in Azzura Club or Tanjong Beach Club in Sentosa. These 2 locations have got swimming pools where it is conducive and safe for this sport.

lady in water bubble ballUnlike Land ZOVB, we only put one person into this ball (mainly due to safety issue) and roll him / her out into the water. Generally each player stays in the ball for about 10 to 15min before we bring him back to change over to any ZOVB-a-naut. You can rent 2 or 3 balls at one time for your pool party and while the rest of the guests are waiting, they can dip in the pools and push the friends (in the balls) around the pool.

This activity is ideal for family gatherings, birthday parties, farewell parties or even drinking parties. Some organisations use this as a carnival activity as well. However way you choose to use this, you can be certain of having a lot of WET FUN with your guests. This is suitable for kids as well as for adults.

The water ZOVB balls can be used for events too! We have got dancers doing short geeks in the balls as an opening ceremony performance, we have also used these balls as night decorations with flushing lights illuminating these balls. The variety of usage for them is countless!


water zovb partyServices


Wanna add some fun and fancy element to your parties? Have a splashing good time by adding a ZOVB balls to your pool parties!

You can hold this parties at the following venues:

  • private swimming pools
  • condominium swimming pools
  • club or school pools
  • inflatable pools

Do get permission before planning to use a shared pool.

Corporate Events

cooling off pool gamesHave a corporate event and in need of something more unique to do?

ZOVB Balls are an interesting bit to add to your event. It will not only provide a fun activity to your colleagues but it will also create a lasting memoir for them.

Don’t have a pool? No problem! We have Land ZOVB which still allows you to have a ball of a time. If you have any other crazy ideas, drop us a 6779 1031!


$120 per ball per hour – we too have bulk rental packages, check with us to know more (minimum spending of $300 per booking)

12m by 6m inflatable pool $2000/day

You may contact us for any ZOVB ball rentals for events!