Human Bowling

About Land ZOVB

For the adrenaline junkies, Land ZOVB is a must-try! An activity that was originated from New Zealand that took the world by storm. It consists of a gigantic, inflatable clear sphere where participants can go in to either roll down a slope or to run around like a hamster! Yes, run around like a hamster! We now know how it feels like….
ladies gameThere can be just fun roll-downs, obstacle course or speed racing with the ZOVB Balls. Recently we have also designed some human sized bowling pins to add to the fun of the game. Participants can play a gigantic scale of bowling either by going inside, blindfolded, to know down bowling pins or to roll the Land ZOVB balls from a distance. This can be enjoyed by all ages, and it works a lot on your psycho-motor co-ordination with your buddy inside the ball. All impact will be absorbed by the bigger outer ball so it’s perfectly safe for you.

Have this activity at your parties or team building session to add an exciting and fun element for your guests. You can create your own game objectives or simply roll down a hill for an adrenaline charging ride!


Best suited for parties and get-togethers, this is conducted in big fields with a gentle slope. Each participant will get two sets of rolling down and walking back up a hill, all within the ball. Prices are as follow:

In the additional 30 minutes, we can do either of the following:

– an additional roll-down
– racing games with the balls
– BLOOP Games (New!)

We will suggest a suitable location for your party. If you need us to go to your specific suitable location, there will be a $180 surcharge.

*Applicable to full-time students with valid student pass only

Corporate Fun Games

Corporate fun games can be done in different ways with the prices per pax as follow:land zovb ball with ladies

This is done at a pre-arranged location determined by us. If you would like to counter-propose a venue, you might be subjected to an additional surcharge of $180.



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