bloop bubble ball gamesHow do these ZOVB balls work?
The ZOVBonaut first enters the deflated ball through a zip on the side. Once in there, air will be pumped in through a separate hole. The ZOVBonaut can only be inside the ball for 10 to 15 minutes each time before the ball starts fogging up, though the volume of air inside can last him or her longer.

How many people can go into the ball at one time?
For Water ZOVB, only one person at a time.

For Land ZOVB, we recommend a maximum of 3 children or 2 adults.

What is the minimum age to do ZOVBing?
We would recommend that they should be at least 7 years old. Reason being that there are handholds and foot holds in the balls and they need to be of a certain height so that they can roll down safely. But if you’re talking about running inside the ball, any age should fine as long as they have the strength to push with their partners.

Is there any specific attire that we should wear?
For Water ZOVB, Sswim suits will work just fine, though you wouldn’t be wet. Or else light clothing will do as well.

For Land ZOVB, it’s good to come in collared tops. Sometimes the harness can be nasty when it’s not tight enough. It might scratch your neck area if you’re not careful.

Can we do this in our condo or club pool?
Sure you may, as long as your estate management is fine with it.

How long in advance should I book you guys?
Bookings are on first come first serve basis. We are usually busy on the weekends so do catch us early to secure your preferred date and time. Just drop us a note here and we will follow up with your booking.

Is there anything I need to provide you guys with?
It will be good to have electricity supply near the area you would like to have these balls. This is for our electric air pump. And course if you wish to rent our inflatable pool, we will need water supply close by.

Do you accept credit cards? What are the payment terms?
Yes, we accept Master Card and VISA, but you will need to make your way down to the office to get your card swiped on the spot. Otherwise, cash or cheque payment works great for us as well.

Where should I send the deposit to?
You can mail the cheque deposit, made payable to “ZOVB Singapore”, to 1 Pemimpin Drive,ONE PEMIMPIN,#03-02, Singapore 576151

I am an events company and would like to engage your services to run teambuilding program for my clients, do you do that?
Sure, just drop us an email and we will go through the necessary details which you need to know when you want to do this for your clients.