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Bubble ball games in Singapore

Haven’t you already know what is the latest craze in Singapore?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Everyone knows how to kick a ball and soccer is a common game for anybody and everybody. With the increment weather and lack of open fields in Singapore, playing a soccer game in futsal courts has been increasingly popular. This trend was probably started with “CAGE” that created indoor soccer pitches from old warehouse buildings. Today, there is a surge in futsal court venues and more and more people are flocking to these courts to play their football games.

Some call it Bubble Bump, Bubble Ball, while others called it Bumper Ball or Bumper Soccer, we brand ourselves to be called BLOOP Soccer. BLOOP Games did not traditionally begin with soccer games but a series of short fun games where you don on the bubble suit and play conventional team games like “Dog & Bone”, “Royal Rumble”, “Capture the Flag” and many more others…
BLOOP Soccer or Bubble Soccer has been around since but it hasn’t really picked up much hype about it until a youtube video about it, made by Italians, that gone viral in Social Media. Our group of companies, The WOW Experience Pte Ltd (Our Parent Company), were the first to bring in this cool concept of the bubble suits into Singapore back in 2011. Being the pioneers in bubble bump games, we constantly innovate the type of games we can do with the bubble ball suits. The idea first came from ZOVB where participants get into a big plastic ball, usually about 3m in diameter, and roll down the slope. This smaller version of the ZOVB came later as what we called BLOOP now.

This game /sports is perfect for all occasions. Be it a corporate team building session, or your 21st birthday party or even just a gathering of friends and family, BLOOP games definitely provides a unique experience for all! Book your bubble game session with the PIONEERS and experience the best fun experience you can ever get!

Our Services

Bloop Soccer

BLOOP Games can be done almost anywhere in Singapore. Most people choose to do it in futsal courts, school halls, or even in seminar rooms in hotels or country club. It has been popular game for both indoors and outdoors venue. Talk to us to about your requirement and we will suggest suitable locations for you to experience this new exhilarating fun sport.

Corporate Events

We have done bubble ball games for many corporate companies. This sport has so much flexibility that it can be done for very small focus groups or even massively big family day events. Most popular way of playing bubble bumping games is either for corporate team building day outs or event carnivals. Some companies also choose to use these bubble ball suits for staff and family bonding game sessions. Imagine a bubble soccer game with dads, with their kids, playing in the same arena.


Fun day out with bubble soccerWe too have many schools engaging us for their CCA fun day out. It could be made as an activity to attract new recruits for your uniform group during recruitment, or something to be done at one of your school camps, these bubble suit games have it all. BLOOP Games has also been an incentive for some classes that if they do well for their exams, the teachers will bring this sport in and let the students play and have fun as a form of reward of their good results. We want you to be creative on how you want to use the bubble bump suits, just like how we first created this sport. If you have any other fantastic ideas for the activity, just let us know. We are open to any wild suggestions!


Bloop Games

Bloop Sports

SoccerMega Soccer

If you think you can manage a normal soccer session, challenge yourself by playing it while being blooped! See if you are as good as you think you are!

BowlingBowling Mania

A big fan of Bowling? Gather your friends and family to try the Bowling Mania!


SumoDodge É Sumo

You have seen it but really curious about how it feels like? This is your chance to be a Sumo wrestler for a day!


CaptainCaptain’s Ball

Remember the popular Captain’s Ball in Secondary School? How about playing the bloop version of it?


Bloop Mini Games

:: Set Bloop Soccer1 ::

Royal Rumble,
Clash of the Planets (Earth Ball)

:: Set 2 ::

Sumo and Sushi (Dog and Bone),
Bombs Away! (Touch Base)

:: Set 3 ::

Poison Ball,
Capture the Flag



bubble soccer bumpingA minimum of 2 games is needed to make a booking. Choose 2 games from Bloop Sports and/or Bloop Mini Games.

2 Games $38 per player NOW ONLY $33!!!
Additional Games $18 per player NOW ONLY $16!!!

As a guide, a 2-game session will last about 1 hour.

*A minimum group of 10 is required to start a booking.

Bloop Soccer Packages

Monday to Friday (before 6pm) $48/pax PROMOTION: $39/pax
Monday to Friday (after 6pm) $55/pax PROMOTION: $45/pax
Saturday & Sunday (anytime) $55/pax PROMOTION: $45/pax

Additional Games: $18/Pax

**A minimum group of 10 pax is required to start a booking. A 2-games session will last about 1 hour (inclusive of briefing & break time). Recommended venue would be Kovan Sports Centre and Golazo Futsal.

Drop us a line or email us @ info@zovbsg.com with your ideas!